Our Mission

To change the face of men, one beard at a time

We encourage every guy to “Be A Man.” Whether that’s not shaving for years or getting up everyday at 5am to provide for your family. Being a man looks different for everyone. It is a lifestyle, and Nu-Lyfe sells high quality hair, beard, and body products to help you embrace that lifestyle. Nu-Lyfe is more than a brand. It is something people can connect with and live their life in

Our Story

Nu-Lyfe is a small, family run business, proudly to have packaged our entire products on the south side of Chicago, IL. The owners Sergio & Christina Lopez have been trying to get free from chemicals and toxins in their everyday use of hair and beauty products. Sergio was having an itchy beard problem and had the idea to create his own beard oil. After lots of research and hard work, Sergio & Christina created the formula for their first scent. Their friends and family loved them, so Sergio & Christina decided to “go for it.” They took the leap and launched their products in March 2015. Nu-Lyfe products was well-received and continues to come out with new “HIS and HER” grooming products.

Our goal remains- To change the face of men, one beard at a time, and that every single customer is 100% satisfied.

We have been working together for a long time in order to bring a wide range of hair & skin care products, whether its for “him or her” to the market that deliver a number of key benefits.

A Thank You from the owners

We are so thankful for everyone who supports us by buying our products. We realize that there are many other brands out there, so it means the world to us that you would pick us. Nu-Lyfe would still be a cool idea in our heads if it weren’t for our supporters, so, again, thank you so much for helping us pursue our dreams.

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