Beard Wash Model BEARD WASH

Beard Wash 8oz.
Beard Wash 8oz.
Handmade, this luxuriously rustic collection of soaps and skin care products are created using pure – and almost always certified organic – ingredients. Great care is taken in blending the raw materials to preserve their natural characteristics, and combinations are thoughtfully crafted to enhance the nurturing qualities of each ingredient, providing ideal nourishment for the skin and senses.

Beard Wash can be used not only for beard but your hair,hands and body.

A blend of essential oils with lemongrass & Tea Tree stimulates and invigorates skin.

Lemongrass is a nervine, known to relax the nervous system. Speeds healing of ligament and tendon injuries; repels insects; aids sedation; dilates blood vessels to promote healing and improve circulation. Clears the mind and heightens psychic awareness, aids the release of regret and resentment while promoting feelings of hope, courage, and optimism. Lemongrass has a fresh earthy, citrus scent.